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Hey guys,

you may have noticed a new page on my site: Guest Posting.

After the great success that was Dustin’s guest post about natural family planning, I decided that it would be awesome if I got more people to write guest posts for Project M. I bet some of you have some terrific material that would totally rock my blog. Wanna share it? I can also swap with you, writing a post for your blog at the same time, if you would like  (and if you have a blog).  I welcome suggestions for topics that I could write on. Just figured I’d make that option available to you, my dearest readers. As I say on my Guest Posting page, with guest posts, everyone wins! Click on the page above to learn more!

Come back Monday (um . . . or Tuesday, depending on how fast I write) to read part 3 of my “What’s the Point of Marriage?” series: To Teach Us About God.

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New Domain!

I am getting so tech-savvy. The fact that I can even use the word “tech-savvy” in a sentence indicates just how cutting-edge I have become.

In short, Project M has a new domain! Now, you can just type in “projectmonline.com” to get here! None of that “.wordpress.com” stuff hanging out at the end of the URL.  Save yourself some typing, guys and gals! It’s so quick! So savvy-looking!

I can’t believe I went all this time without such a professional-looking domain. I didn’t realize it only cost about the equivalent of a bucket of fried chicken per year to have one. Sweet deal!

Maybe if I was even more savvy I could have come up with an even better domain, with something better than “online” tacked onto the end of it, but I have to take this one step at a time. It wasn’t even a year ago that I was blogging on my crappy blogspot blog about how I hated the internet.

Well, you guys have yourselves a delightful weekend. It’s been a good week here at Project M. For me, anyways. Hopefully for you, too.

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Wow! Guys, Project M made it onto The Marry Blogger’s Top Ten Marriage Blogs List! I get a fancy badge to put in my sidebar and everything! This is so rad!

(It looks like this: )

(And it’s clickable. Ooooh!)

I am delighted and honoured to be listed among the likes of Alisa Bowman (Project: Happily Ever After) and Corey Allan (Simple Marriage),  two bloggers I totally admire. There are a ton of other great reads in the list, too, and I totally encourage you to click on the link and peruse the list.  I am now subscribing to an unreasonable number of marriage blogs, but it is awesome. You will find some excellent stuff there! And don’t forget to browse around Stu Gray’s Marry Blogger — the excellent blog that hosts the list — too.

I want to send a huge thanks to my lovely readers who nominated Project M. It couldn’t have happened without you! You guys are all, individually, The Bomb. Digital high fives all around! (I say that although I have no idea how to actually execute a digital high five. If anyone does, please notify me).

I honestly haven’t been in this good a mood since my sister’s Blast from the Past costume dance party in 2004. Thanks for that!

P.S. Don’t forget to check out Dustin’s guest post below on Natural Family Planning. I am so proud to host this outstanding Q&A on my blog.

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I know you all just want to know who the winner of the confession contest is. But I’m going to make you read all this other stuff first.

New! Email Subscription.

Maybe you are not the kind of guy or gal who wants to bother with an RSS reader to manage your blog subscriptions. That’s cool – I didn’t until quite recently either. But maybe you are the kind of guy or gal who would still like to stay up-to-date with Project M without having to check back on the site all the time. Well guess what? Now you can, with my new email subscription option! WordPress, which hosts my blog, just offered this new feature, and I jumped at the chance to add it to my blog! Now, if you sign up, you can get my blog posts sent to your email as I publish them! Just click on the new button in my sidebar to the right to sign up. Let me know how it works out for you — is it a cool feature, or is it lame? Either way, thanks for reading!

Clarification on PDA’s.

I just want to be clear: in my last post, I’m not saying by any means that married people ought not to show affection, or go on dates with their spouses, or flirt on Facebook. I’m just saying I don’t particularly enjoy seeing it, so I wonder why people don’t do it more in private.* But this probably says more about my own neurosis or the blackness of my heart than it does about the value of affection and flirting. It’s an issue of personal preference, and I just thought I’d throw it out there, in case others felt the same.

*For example, Facebook has a perfectly good inbox system, which couples could use to send each other private love memos if they feel compelled to communicate digitally. I’m just sayin’ is all. But then, I don’t understand the whole “wall” thing to begin with, even between friends. Why do everyone’s private conversations have to be broadcasted to their whole social network all the time?

Thanks for the Nominations.

A number of you nominated my blog to be listed on the “Top Ten Marriage Blogs” list on the Marry Blogger. Thanks, guys! I really appreciate it! The really exciting thing is that it has already brought some new traffic to my blog, and has connected me with some other totally rad marriage bloggers.  You might be seeing some guest posts from some other bloggers soon, so stay tuned. So thanks again for making that happen! I wish I could send you each a digital high-five. (Not a hug, though, of course. Blech). And guess what? you can still vote for my blog (or another one, if you prefer) by clicking here. It’s not too late!

Contest Winner.

Oh my goodness. I really wish I had predetermined my criteria for this contest. Like, I wish I had decided ahead of time whether I would pick “whichever confession makes me laugh the hardest and longest” or “whichever confession seems the most courageous” or something to that effect. But I loved so many confessions for so many reasons. It is very hard to pick a favourite when given so much awesome stuff. What is a blogger to do?

Before I announce the winner, I just want to thank you all for your wonderful contributions. For the people whom I already know personally, I learned that you are all a lot weirder than I had realized; and for the people whom I didn’t previously know, I think we can probably be friends, now that I know your quirky little secrets.

This was a really hard decision, because everyone’s confessions were so good. But I finally decided that Annalea ought to be the first place winner. I appreciated her vulnerability, as she offered up deeply personal and touching confessions, especially after her confession, “I have a hard time making myself vulnerable.” Thanks for your graciousness, Annalea! However, you pointed out that Tim Card would be useless to you in California and suggested that the runner up could take the prize.  I guess I’ll have to take your suggestion. But if I make it over to Detroit in the next bit I will buy an American Starbucks card and send it your way! You deserve it!

So my runner-up, who will actually receive a Canadian Starbucks rather than a Tim Card gift card is . . . Ike! Ike offered up ten confessions, varying from the absurd/disturbing to the sensitive/heart-touching.  Plus he made me think of Nacho Libre, in his enthusiasm to win the championship . . . I mean confession contest. My only question is: why? Why the leg hairs first? Why in God’s green earth do the leg hairs need to be wet before you can wash the rest of your body??? No wait, I take that back; I don’t want to know. I just need to get your address to send it your way.

Honourable mention goes to Josh for making me continue to chuckle to myself hours after I read your confession. Oh my goodness Josh you have issues.

Thanks again, everyone, for making me laugh this past week! I appreciated all of your contributions! Have a fabulous weekend!

(By the way, if you haven’t read Ike’s confessions yourself, they are under my “Reminder” post, below, and not where they actually belong. *Still shaking head disapprovingly*)

UPDATE: I just looked into it, and it turns out Starbucks cards are useable internationally, so I’m actually going to send Annalea and Ike each a gift card!

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New Header

Guys!  Look at my fancy new header!  (i.e. the row of photos along the top of my blog). Sweet, right?  I just wanted to give out a shout to my talented friend Melissa Hiebert who edited the three photos for me and strung ’em together just like I wanted so that I could make them my new blog header.  Thanks, Melissa!

My old one was OK as a photo — I liked how it made me and Ben look like we might be in a rock band together.  But it was basically irrelevant to my blog.  It was just a photo of us that I liked because I was wearing a cute outfit, and because I’m crazy about ivy.  But it didn’t have anything to do with this blog.  I like the new header better because it communicates what I am trying to get at: that I am attempting to portray a real marriage as it really is.  We don’t hang out in front of totally rad, abandoned, ivy-covered buildings a whole lot; but we do spend a lot of time moping and eating dinner at our kitchen table.  Hence the new photo, with Ben looking realistically miserable and me looking as though I am lecturing him between sips of O.J.  How true to real life!  Hope you like it!

Ben and Kathleen

old header picture

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